Boomtown Affiliates

Boomtown Affiliates is a casino affiliate program responsible for promoting Mission2Game Casino, a Soft Magic Dice casino that is available to players in the US and around the world. The brand was created in 2014 and offers players a unique selection of games that are hard to find anywhere else, all in an instant-play format. Boomtown Affiliates is under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Commission details

Members of the Boomtown Affiliates program have their choice of 3 different commission plans. The first and most popular plan is a revenue sharing program, where affiliates are paid lifetime commissions based on the net revenue that their players bring into the casino. This is equal to gross gaming revenue less chargebacks, fraudulent transactions, and free credits given to players.

The exact percentage of this net revenue an affiliate receives is based on the total number of depositors that are active within a month. For most affiliates, this is the most ideal tier structure since it doesn’t require high rollers to achieve a high commission percentage. There is no negative carryover of commissions and no bundling under this plan.

Boomtown Affiliates is open to offering its partners alternative plans. These include a CPA scheme where an affiliate gets a flat fee for all new depositors who meet certain deposit and wagering criteria, as well as a hybrid plan that combines both CPA and revenue sharing commissions. Exact details will vary from case to case, as determined by an affiliate manager.


Boomtown Affiliates enables its partners to earn more money through a sub-affiliation plan. This is a traditional 2-tier plan where affiliates are paid a monthly fee equal to a flat percentage of their direct sub-af­fil­iat­es’ earnings.

Payment details

Boomtown Affiliates pays all commissions within 15 days of the end of each month. In order to qualify for a payout, an affiliate must have at least $50 in commissionable earnings if they wish to receive payment by ACH, check, credit card, player account, Neteller, or Skrill. Those who want or need payment through bank wire transfer must reach a much higher $1,000 threshold to receive a free payment. Bank wires of $350 – $999 are charged a $50 processing fee.

No admin fee is taken from the commissions, ensuring affiliates get the full value of their earnings. Unfortunately for some, however, these payments are made in US dollars only. Affiliates who use a different currency will need to consider currency exchange costs at their chosen bank or payment processor.


Boomtown Affiliates uses the in-house software solution provided by Soft Magic Dice. Although it offers basic tracking capabilities and enables affiliates to see up-to-date commission information, it does not provide more advanced tracking and reporting tools that are found in more common third-party solutions.

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